Pierre Lane, Ph.D, P.Eng
Senior Scientist
(604) 675-8087
Dr. Lane is a Principal Investigator at the BCCRC. He has formal training in Engineering Physics and holds academic appointments at Simon Fraser University (SFU) and the University of British Columbia (UBC).
Dr. Lane is interested in the in vivo application of optical imaging, tissue optics, and spectroscopy for the early detection, diagnosis, and management of cancer. He develops and evaluates new optical tools to address unmet clinical needs and works closely with clinical collaborators to evaluate and test these tools in a clinical context. These tools include instrumentation, software, computer algorithms, systems and devices that can be used clinically or in a laboratory to measure the structural, morphological, functional, biochemical or molecular characteristics of tissue.
Active projects involve the application of optical coherence tomography, confocal microscopy, and autofluorescence imaging to the lung, oral cavity, fallopian tubes, and cervix.
Calum MacAulay, Ph.D
Distinguished Scientist
(604) 675-8080
Dr. MacAulay is the Head of Integrative Oncology at the BCCRC. His formal training includes a BSc in Engineering Physics (1982) from Dalhousie University, an MSc in Physics (1985) from Dalhousie University, and a PhD in Physics (1989) from the University of British Columbia. Dr. MacAulay is an Associate Member of the Department of Physics and Astronomy and a Clinical Associate Professor in the Department of Pathology at the University of British Columbia.
Dr. MacAulay’s research focuses on the development of clinical tools for the detection, grading, and treatment of early, non-invasive cancer. It has long been recognized that cancer can be successfully treated at an early stage, including cancer of the lung, breast, cervix, colon and prostate. Dr. MacAulay’s work includes the development of both macroscopic and microscopic optical imaging devices, image analysis and automated assessment, artificial intelligence, and clinical translation of these technologies.


Sylvia Lam
Research Assistant
(604) 675-8093
Sylvia has a Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry from Simon Fraser University (SFU) and is also a graduate of the Biomedical Engineering program at the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT). Sylvia is the go-to person in the lab and clinic. She coordinates applications to the Research Ethics Board for new studies. 

Post-Doctoral Fellows

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Graduate Students

Jeanie Malone
PhD Candidate, Biomedical Engineering (UBC)
Jeanie graduated from UBC with a Bachelor of Applied Science in Electrical Engineering. Her work focuses on clinical translation: she is exploring the utility of endoscopic OCT and OCT-AFI for early gynaecologic cancer detection, and management of lung transplant rejection. Jeanie is currently leading clinical studies imaging the ex vivo fallopian tubes and in vivo endocervical canal.
Adrian Tanskanen
PhD Candidate, Biomedical Engineering (UBC)
Adrian is a graduate of SFU with a Bachelor of Applied Science in Engineering Physics. He is interested in advancing the state-of-the art in multimodal endoscopic imaging, in particular, the effective combination of OCT and low NA modalities (such as autofluorescence, fluorescence lifetime, and/or reflectance). Adrian’s work seeks to explore the multipath artifacts present in double clad fiber and develop techniques to improve image quality in multimodal single fiber probes.
Select Publications:
Eric Brace
PhD Student, Engineering Science – Interdisciplinary Oncology Graduate Specialization (SFU)
Eric holds Bachelor of Applied Science and Master of Applied Science degrees in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Waterloo. Eric is developing imaging tools for biopsy guidance and surgical margin detection of oral cancer. This includes the development of micromotor-based imaging probes, angiography algorithms, and a new imaging platform.
Select publications:
Kimiya Mousavi
MASc Student, Biomedical Engineering (UBC)
Kimiya graduated with a Bachelor of Engineering in Biomedical Engineering from UVic. Her work focuses on using OCT on a microscopic scale to dynamically image tissue with the goal of detecting individual cells with increased contrast. This includes developing a microscopic OCT system and dynamic image processing software. 
Fumi Inaba
MSc Student, Interdisciplinary Oncology Program (UBC)
Fumi graduated from UBC with a Bachelor’s in Medical Laboratory Sciences. His work focuses on quantitative analysis of tissue sections, specifically leveraging machine learning to analyze individual cells, interactions and spatial organization to understand cancer progression.
Shahed Ejadi
MSc Student, Interdisciplinary Oncology Program (UBC)
Shahed holds a Bachelor of Applied Science in Mechatronic Systems Engineering from SFU. His work focuses on the design of optical tools for photodynamic therapy and their integration into clinical applications.

Co-op & Undergraduate Research Assistants

Alicia Fung
BASc Student, Biomedical Engineering (UBC)
Alicia is a Bachelor of Applied Science student in Biomedical Engineering at UBC. Her work includes developing biomimetic tissue phantoms of segmental airways to validate the performance of optical imaging devices. Alicia also works on the design of an optomechanical interface that includes modifying mechanical assemblies and fabricating fiber optic probes.
Select publications:




Co-ops, Summer Students & Undergrad Theses

Shahed Ejadi, Co-op Student

Allan Zuckermann Cynamon, Undergraduate Thesis

Mehar Rehill, Undergraduate Thesis

Alicia Fung, Co-op Student

Sophie Kenny, Co-op Student

Malcolm Brown, Undergraduate Thesis & Research Engineer

Andrea Manjarres, Co-op Student & Undergraduate Thesis

Oleksii (Alex) Proskurin, Co-op Student

Ian Thompson, Co-op Student

Carley Schwartz, Co-op Student

Elizabeth Wicks, Co-op Student

Riley Marsh, Co-op Student

Ryan Goldan, Co-op Student & Undergraduate Thesis

Lucas Cahill, Co-op Student & Undergraduate Thesis

Joel McFaul, Co-op Student

Michelle Cua, Co-op Student

Larix Lee, Co-op Student

Michael Yalowsky, Co-op Student

Brian McFadden, Co-op Student

Greg Dennis, Co-op Student

Ricky Lo, Co-op Student

Siebren Kwekkeboom, Co-op Student

Eric Finlay, Co-op Student

Investigators, Post-Doctoral Fellows & Staff

Geoffrey Hohert, Research Engineer

Dr. Anthony Lee, Staff Scientist

Andrea (Andie) Buenconsejo, Research Assistant

Dr. Hamid Pahlevaninezhad, Post-Doctoral Fellow

Colin Schlosser, Research Engineer

Soufiane El Hallani, Research Fellow

Mark Cardeno, Research Technologist

Sujin Lee, Graduate Student Collaborator

Jinbiao Xu, Programmer

Nasir Zulkafly, Research Engineer

Daryl Hyun, Research Assistant

Jamie Cole, Programmer

Dr. Anders Ballestad, Post-Doctoral Fellow