Double-Clad Fiber article in BioPhotonics

Castor Optics has published a new article on multimodal optical coherence tomography using double-clad fiber in BioPhotonics, citing one of our previous publications. Multimodal OCT often uses double-clad fiber couplers from Castor Optics.

In vivo OCT and autofluorescence imaging (AFI) of human peripheral airways using a double-clad fiber (DCF) coupler. AFI of an airway (a), magnified AFI region (b), and OCT cross sections corresponding to the dashed lines (c-e). 

Congratulations Mehar & Allan!

Attenuation coefficient of normal (left) and pathologic (right) oral tissue.

A segmented airway and example cross-sections (segmentations in green).

Congratulations to Mehar and Allan who successfully defended their undergraduate honours theses this fall!

Mehar’s work ‘Methods for the Estimation of Depth-resolved Attenuation in OCT‘ compared different approaches for calculating the attenuation coefficient from OCT data. This allows us to characterize optical properties of tissue as they change with respect to depth.

Allan developed an automated tool to segment the tissue surface in OCT of the small airways of the lung. This tool allow us to quantify image features in the small airways without requiring manual segmentation. You can read his thesis, ‘Lumen Segmentation in Endobronchial Optical Coherence Tomography with Deep Learning‘ online.